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Pass The Torch - Latest Commissioned Piece

Last week this angel of a woman had a Birthday “Unveiling Ceremony” for this painting she commissioned. If y’all follow my instagram @artbyjnelljo story or snapchat, then you know I’ve been working on this piece for several weeks! And it was truly a labor of love 💕. She entitled it “Pass The Torch,” and her beautiful grandson Malcolm (yep, his namesake is Malcolm X) is in the middle surrounded by history’s great leaders and activists. She chose to be painted: Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Malcolm X, Malala Yousef, Maya Angelou, Mattie Stepanek, A.R. Benard, Mother Theresa and Pope Francis.

I have no doubt that with a family like his, he will accomplish great things and follow in the footsteps of those before him.

Entitled: Pass the Torch

approx. 3 ft x 6ft"

Medium: Oil and Acrylic on primed wood mounted to hang from a curtain rod where a tapestry once hung.