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Queen Things Project 2016: Donate, Nominate, Participate!

The Project:

Queen Things came about from a need I see for woman to uplift, collaborate, learn from and inspire one another. In DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we have so many talented and exceptional female entrepreneurs, creatives, advocates, and philanthropist and this is my effort to, not only highlight the women who are really "doing it" as women, but to call us together to work with one another and plant the seeds that will foster that same spirit in the generations of ambitions girls to come ...with a creative twist.

The project will result in Three-day Event this Fall highlighting exceptional women in DC metropolitan area. Six women will be chosen from nominees for a commissioned painting celebrating their lives, what they do, and what they value.

Day 1: Awards ceremony with an unveiling of the paintings

Day 2: Art Exhibit & Pop Up Shop of Local Female Artists and Creatives

Day 3: Art-based Work Shop for Young Girls “Queens in Training”

Donate Here Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign raising $15,000. Perks/gifts for $5 to $2,500 donations

Nominate Here Know a Modern Day Queen? Nominate an exceptional woman in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Participate Here I Need Help! Calling All Female Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Collaborative Spirits.

Take a look or purchase from the Queen Things Series:

I openly welcome comments and feedback.

Feel free to drop a line below. :-)

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