7 Great Ideas for Commissioning A Painting

The Perfect Gift if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind a gift for someone who has everything....or if you're looking for a certified heart-felt tear jerker for your loved ones, commissioning a painting is a great way to go.

Here are some ideas and examples that I and the clients who have requested paintings in the past have come up with:

#1 -Babies & Children They grow up so fast! Gift a painting of the little people in their life that keep them going! The painting below is of siblings. On the left and right are photo transfers of their parents, grandparents and symbols of their heritage. Their mother is Irish and the father is from Zimbabwe.

Below: New born painting done from her first photoshoot & Portait of a mother and her daught playing in the ocean. Their names are etched in the rock behind them.

#2 - Paintings of their favorite musician: For fanatics and music lovers.

Below: gift painting of Charlie Parker, in a green to compliment the new homeowner's decor.

#3 - Portraits of LOVE for couples who have reached an anniversary milestone, or have just wedded.

Above (Finished Painting) Mr. & Mrs. Jon Michael and Angela Chandler, Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf Powder and Xerox Transfer on Hardboard. Details: Wedding Vows ghost written in the background with photo transfers from photos of their childhood.

To the Left: Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Jordan. My very own granparent's 65th Anniversary. Oil, Acrylic, and Xerox Transfer on Hardboard.

Details: Transfers at the top: Top Left Doris in her 20's, Top Right Oscar in his 20's during World War II. Middle: their 25th Wedding Anniversary. The bottom portion are painted portraits of their youth.

#4 - Portraits of Accomplishments: For someone who has just retired, graduated or won a sports championship. Below are gifts for loved ones celebrating accomplishments.

Senior Class Portain (below)

#5 - Portraits of those you have passed : A great way to memorialize the ones we miss.

Above: Painting for client's mother depicting her and several photo's of his grandmother's life after she'd recently passed.

#6 - Old and New: Use photos from the past and present to create a painting that tells a story of a lifetime.

Tells the story of Sacrfice his parents made by moving to America to Ethiopia so he and his siblings could have a better opportunity

#7 - Family Portraits:

Interested in a Commissioned painting? Contact me.

I openly welcome comments and feedback.

Feel free to drop a line below. :-)

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