Artistic Process: Xerox Transfers

Xerox Transfers are definitely one of my favorite things to incorporate in commissioned paintings. It's a cool way to add old photos into a painting and give them a nostalgic sort of feeling. All you need is a photo, a xerox machine, some Liquitex Matte Medium OR Modge Podge, a brush and a cup of water.

Pictured [to the left] is a photo from a painting I did for a couple I know a couple years go who had just gotten married. They provided me with ADORABLE photos from their childhood, in which I transfered onto the background of the painting. I then painted a superimposed current picture of the couple on top of the transfers. It's like their very own collage/photo album that sits on the wall in their new home. (It's also a great gift!) The original painting is below, along with a couple other examples.

Above (Finished Painting) Mr. & Mrs. Jon Michael and Angela Chandler, Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf Powder and Xerox Transfer on Hardboard. Details: Wedding Vows ghost written in the background.

To the Left: Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Jordan. My very own granparent's 65th Anniversary. Oil, Acrylic, and Xerox Transfer on Hardboard.

Details: Transfers at the top: Top Left Doris in her 20's, Top Right Oscar in his 20's during World War II. Middle: their 25th Wedding Anniversary. The bottom portion are painted portraits of their youth.

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