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Artists Thoughts: HAIR.

Artist's Thought: Entitled "Imagination Affirmations.

The painted hair is textured with cheese cloth, and the fairy is crowning the litte girl with an crown. I wish that I had had that fairy. I remember in elementary school, after my hair had broken off due to the improper care of my chemically relaxed hair, I "went natural" (way before it was the trend) and against my 5th grade wishes. One day my elementary school crush called me "Don King" and I cried ....all night. It became a ongoing joke, which l actually laugh at now....but it hurt then as I compared myself to the beauty standards.

My Thoughts: The hair that grows out your head is beautiful. As is. Even before your mama sat you between her legs to part and twist/plait or perm your kinks. Always remember that you are beautiful and you are royalty. Carry yourself as such and walk around with your head up high as to not drop that invisible crown.

The original Painting has just been SOLD.... but canvas reproductions and framed prints are for sale on the Paintings By J'Nell Jordan Etsy Shop.

I openly welcome comments and feedback. Feel free to drop a line below. :-)

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