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From Newest Series - Inner Child 


12" x 24" Oil and Acrylic


Original Painting on Mounted Masonite Wood Board.

Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
Newest painting from the Inner Child Series. "Excessive lace, tulle, bows and were not my thing as a little girl, but felt like an expectation. As soon as I had a choice I wanted nothing to do with “The Frill.”

A few things for certain:
1. I hated these chicken legs. I hated being called “string bean”
2. I was going to get a run in my stockings on purpose so I could take the shits off.
3. I was going to race with the boys after church and I was going to scrape a knee (or two)
4. I was definitely going to get dirt on my “pretty” dress before the day was over.

Any one else?