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11" x 18" Oil, Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Mounted Masonite Wood Board.
From the Queen Things Series

Gunmetal Grey - Original Painting

  • How long until my order is shipped?

    The Buyer is responsible for paying shipping and handling costs. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

    Can I return my order?

    Any returns will be considered as long as the articles are not damaged due to accident or negligence while in the customer's possession. Should a return be requested, the following steps must be taken:

    Returns may be requested vis e-mail within 10 days of receipt.  All return instructions and authorization will be communicated via e-mail.  Authorized returns must be:

    1. shipped at the Buyer's expense with the purchase of insurance to cover cost of articles being returned,

    Item must be shipped within 10 days of receiving a written return authorization.

    In no event will a return be accepted after 30 days of the issuance of a return authorization. Refunds will be issued after the articles are received undamaged by the Artist.

    Original Painting - Care 

    What is a Limited Edition Print?

    ALL prints are limited edition, (unless noted otherwise) meaning the artists will only print a certain amount. So if you have 1 print of...say "10." It is still special because the collector knows there are only 9 others in the world in that particular size. All prints are signed by me and the bottom, along with the title and the number of the print. In the bottom left it will say which number of the edition. (example: 4/10, meaning the 4th printed out of the edition of 10).

    What is a canvas print?

     ALL canvas prints are limited edition as well. Canvas prints are nice because they are a reproductions, but they look like original paintings... except you are not paying the price for an original paintings! They can be framed, but they come already stretched and ready to be hung on the wall like an original. My canvas prints are called "embellished" which means I  paint on top of each canvas reproduction to put my touch on them. This is important to collectors because the artist has still touched the canvas,  making each one different and in essence still "one-of-a-kind" rather than just a signed a reproduction of the original. Canvas prints are sometimes the same size of the original painting, but they are often a little smaller to maintain the integrity of the original.

  • I'm an info section. This is a great place to share information like "Return Policy" and "Care Instructions" with your buyers.

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