Meet the Artist

J'Nell Jordan is a serial image collector. The things she filters daily within in current culture, history, music and fashion are combined with her love for painting the human figure, and playing with pattern and light.

I paint to...

capture the "feel good" moments;

those moments where figures are caught in the vibe of the music, posing, flirting or candidly caught in mid-smile.

my hope is that my art will uplift your spirit.

my hope is that it makes you smirk and giggle.

my hope is it takes you to a nostalgic place.

my hope is that their expressions and body language are contagious. 

I want you to feel them in your own way with whatever you bring to the experience. 

Studio Shot.JPG


My medium

I paint with oil on top of metallic acrylics using a subtractive fashion of painting, where I wipe away, etch into and press against the top layers of oil paint to layers underneath. What I LOVE about painting with metallics is that lighting plays a large part. Different lighting situations: dim lights, spot lights and day light bring different dimensions to the pieces and allow the viewers to interact with the pieces from different angles and distances.


She was born in 1987 and raised in Northern Virginia. She attended Adelphi University in New York on a visual arts talent scholarship and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2009. She now lives and works out of Hyattsville, Maryland.


J’Nell has shown her work at various galleries in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Her art has been selected for the Hello Again Lincoln Motor Tour, an outside drive-through exhibition. She’s also been an Artist-in-Residence for the Black History Month Poster Project guiding Suitland High School's selected art interns in 2016 for the Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Division.