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Art Services

Commission Requests

To commission a custom painting or portrait, please contact me in the form below, or email me directly at with photos and a description of what you'd like me to create.

Need ideas? Visit the my blog post: 7 Great Ideas for Commissioning a Painting  or view past commissions in gallery below

Questions to think about when commissioning a painting:

  • What do you want in the painting? (You may send me photos, or choose a painting in my portfolio that you would like it to resemble)

  • What size painting do you want?  Think about the space you want to hang the painting. Standard sizes: 16x20, 18x24, 24x24, 24x36 24x48" 48x48" Custom sizes available.

  • What colors do you want in your painting?  Do you want your painting to specifically match a color in your decor ?​

  • Are you looking to stay in a certain price range/budget? (I typically charge on based on size of painting (and complexity) but I will work with you stay in your budget.

  • Price range starts at $300