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Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 3 ft x 4 ft


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
"...Black people have a strange relationship with the United States." In august of 2020, I was feeling the angst of racial gas lighting. Ever been so angry you just needed to scream? Ever nicely, politely ask for something and been dismissed. Ever gotten a little more direct and been called aggressive/angry? Ever started screaming and burning things to the ground to 1) been called monster or 2) been pacified with a gift, attention...something other than what you asked for? Ever come across someone who 'just became aware" of some mess you've been hinting, talking, screaming about for years.  WE all have. And this is me screaming into my pillow.

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New Moon In Virgo
Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 18" Diameter (Circular painting)


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
New moons happen when the moon is not illuminated by the sun from our perspective on Earth. Hosted by a deep, dark, blank slate also have a blank slate. A new chapter, so to say. As I ended my birthday month and entered a new trip around the sun, I did a rare self portrait As a little self love along with some reflection and vow to always check in with God and my spirit before a new venture and or decision. "


Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 20 x 30" 


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
I know, I know. Blackplotation was problematic. This originally was just PAM from a video still from the film Koffee Brown just because: Black Women. That was it. Then a few months passed and in the chaos that was 2020 after George Floyd was murdered and Minneapolis.

I was not okay. I was grieving him, those before him and those after him.

I added the comic book blurb after feeling the overwhelming consensus, as far as I'm concerned, being "Who want the smoke?"  Meaning we're not afraid to burn this ish down. Meaning you picked the right one today.  You're gonna feel this heat. You're going to get this mouth. You're getting exposed. You're getting video-taped. And you might get this whoopin'.

prints and collectibles also available in shop: