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* ART COLLECTORS : Below are original paintings the artist currently has available for purchase. You may set up at studio visit with the artist here to see the paintings in person, or purchase direct under "Buy Now" 

Original paintings typically range from $400 to $5,000  
**Payment plans for larger paintings a
re an option. Please contact the artist for inquiry and arrangements on payment plans.

For high quality prints on canvas, fine art paper, exclusive art collectible items and the artist's miniature paintings please visit the shop.



LBD jnell jordan low res.jpg

Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 12 X 24



checken legs 4x10 (1).jpeg

The Frill
Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 12 X 24


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
Newest painting from the Inner Child Series. "Excessive lace, tulle, bows and
were not my thing as a little girl, but felt like an expectation. As soon as I had a choice I wanted nothing to do with “The Frill.”

A few things for certain:
1. I hated these chicken legs. I hated being called “string bean”
2. I was going to get a run in my stockings on purpose so I could take the shits off.
3. I was going to race with the boys after church and I was going to scrape a knee (or two)
4. I was definitely going to get dirt on my “pretty” dress before the day was over.

Any one else?

prints also available in shop:

New Moon In Virgo_edited.jpg

New Moon In Virgo
Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 18" Diameter (Circular painting)


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
New moons happen when the moon is not illuminated by the sun from our perspective on Earth. Hosted by a deep, dark, blank slate also have a blank slate. A new chapter, so to say. As I ended my birthday month and entered a new trip around the sun, I did a rare self portrait As a little self love along with some reflection and vow to always check in with God and my spirit before a new venture and or decision. "


Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 4 ft x 2 ft" 


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
One of my favorite pieces from my series: Hair Stories in 2017.  The series that gave me a good excuse to research and learn about the history of black hair. There is so much history in our hair. The series explored the political and social dynamics of black hair drawing from historical and current references. In this piece I aimed to share stories women focusing on the pride, the shame, and the growth of embracing what has a great history in how we are perceived and how we might perceive ourselves.

Prints also available in shop:


Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 3 ft x 4 ft


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
Ever been so angry you just needed to scream? Ever nicely, politely ask for something and been dismissed. Ever gotten a little more direct and been called aggressive/angry or been pacified with a gift, attention...something other than what you asked for? WE all have.
In august of 2020, I was feeling the angst of racial gas lighting.
And this was me...screaming into my pillow.

prints and collectibles also available in shop:


Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Hardboard
Dimensions: 20 x 30" 


Artist's Thoughts & Inspiration.
This originally was just PAM from a video still from the film Foxy Brown because: Black Women. That was it.  Not too deep.
Then a few months passed and in the chaos that was 2020 after George Floyd was murdered and Minneapolis: I was not okay. I was grieving him, those before him and those inevitably after him.

I added the comic book blurb after feeling the overwhelming consensus being"
"Who want the smoke?" 
1) "You picked the right one today."  
2) You're going to get this mouth.
3) You could very well get these hands.
4) You're gonna feel this heat.
5) You will be video-taped and exposed. 
6) We're not afraid to burn this ish down,

prints and collectibles also available in shop:

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Bronze Nebula
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