While you're here, my hope is that my art will uplift your spirit. 

I hope that it makes you smirk.

I hope it makes you giggle.

I hope it makes you say "Mmph."

I hope it sparks a little attitude inside of you.

I hope it makes you reach down deep for your history

or connect to a history that you can get down with.

I hope the love poured in is contagious.

...and, I hope you stay for a while.

Paint and Poetic Prose

is a new company created by myself and another artist/poet.  We are doing some quarantine therapy, social distancing soirees /self care sessions. Sharing what brings us

back to center in a weird time. 

They are online virtual paint, sip and live poetry vibe sessions. We send you an individualized hand-crafted packages complete with all the painting materials and other goodies. There is paint instruction by moi, poetry and spoken word. Book a live session, or grab a box /box subscription to paint and vibe on your own time,

This month's box? Winter Cozy & Twerk the Halls... Check it out.

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J'Nell Jordan is a serial image collector. The things she filters daily within current culture, history, music and fashion are combined with her love for painting the human figure, and playing with pattern and light....

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